Hello lovely person,

I know, it’s been a while – damn, I’ve been busy.

Let’s put it like this, finishing a Masters while working full-time is tough. Yes, quite predictable, but I decided to do it anyway.


I started my job at TransferWise in April, including a week on boarding in Estonia. I am part of the Recruitment team and I look after the hiring for Product Management. It’s a great company where I truly believe in the Product, which makes my job a lot easier. I’m not going to lie, TransferWise is in hyper-growth and nothing is the way it used to be last week and it can be quite hard to keep up with it. But it is very rewarding and my colleagues definitely know how to treat themselves. Here are some pictures of our annual Summer Days (a week long celebration in Estonia), including a boat trip, escaping from Krenholm (an island in a river between Estonia and Russia), never ending parties by the beach and a hell of a lot of mosquito bites.

alt="TransferWise Summer Days"   


And now back to the actual topic of this blog post – my Masters.

I had my final exams in May, so I took a couple of days off to prepare (and I also moved house during my exam period) and finish my exams. Overall, it went quite well considering that I honestly didn’t put much effort into it.

After I finished my exams, I took a couple of weeks off from my uni duties to give my brain a bit of a break before facing my final enemy – my dissertation. After our Summer Days, I had my topic finalised (Recruitment of Software Engineers in Startups) and I started my data collection. I completely underestimated the effort to set up a survey to be honest and after wanting to give up multiple times, I finally had everything set up and good to go. That also meant that I had a couple of weeks to prepare the very boring parts of the dissertation like my literature review. As my topic is quite niche, I didn’t needed a lot of respondents. After I got all the data I needed and after I taught myself how to analyse data by using SPRS (hours and hours of Youtube videos), I finally finished my data collection in the end of July, so I had 4 weeks to finish my dissertations.

Jumping 4 weeks forward, I actually managed to finish my 10.000 word dissertation 10 days before my deadline, so I had enough time to proofread and get it printed. And on the 28th of August I was finally FREE!

I have received my results in the meantime. I mean, it could have been better (as always), but I am very happy that I’ve passed all of my modules in the first try and that I am going to graduate my MA International Human Resource Management with a Merit and I might even graduate as the best of my course. My official Graduation ceremony is going to be in the end of November and I can’t wait to celebrate this day with my classmates and my family.

Overall, all the work was definitely worth it and I can’t wait to be on stage and to officially graduate soon.

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